What’s been happening in the Medical Research Zone

For the past 10 weeks, scientists and students across the UK have been engaging online in the Medical Research Zone funded by MRC.

So far we have seen an amazing 1155 school students logging in, and 281 questions sent to scientists in the zone!

Students have asked questions about things about stem cells, whether we need our appendix , ageing, and antibiotic resistance.

In live chats, students have been learning about a whole range of areas of medical research. In this chat, a student is finding out about the ways scientists are trying to help the immune system against harmful pathogens:

Here are just some of the things people have had to say about taking part in the Medical Research Zone:

Students – read about the scientists in the zone and send them a question from their profile
Teachers – book more live chats for your students in the Psychology Zone
Scientists – head to your dashboard to see the live chats you can join, and answer questions from students
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