• Question: Do the robots ever glitch out?

    Asked by bruh2 to Kim on 29 Apr 2020.
    • Photo: Kim Liu

      Kim Liu answered on 29 Apr 2020:

      Yes they do – it’s very annoying haha! Robots, software and computers are very precise and follow rules to the letter. This means that they will not stop to think and apply ‘common sense’, so my robot has a tendency to crash into things, or hold on to things too tightly and then not be able to let go when it’s meant to. In principle, these are the fault of the the operator (i.e. me), but it’s really hard to predict when these things are likely to happen!

      A really big problem with very complicated software in general is that the code becomes so complicated that no one remembers how it works! This requires a lot of management to ensure bugs deep in the code don’t become a problem and glitch for the user.

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