• Question: Do you use any of GENBANK, FASTA FILE or EMBL formats when manipulating DNA sequences?

    Asked by Avani B to Kim on 3 Jun 2020.
    • Photo: Kim Liu

      Kim Liu answered on 3 Jun 2020:

      Wow this is a v. specialised question 🙂 Most of all I use a file format known as FASTQ for manipulating my own sequencing data; these are the raw data directly from the sequencer and contain sequencing quality scores. I prefer to download FASTA if I want to align to a reference genome, but actually I don’t do this so often in my work because I don’t often sequence large portions of a genome at once. I have never tried using GENBANK and EMBL – these are specialised file formats created by certain institutions (US National Institute of Health and European Bioinformatics Institutes). How did you come across these file formats? Are you doing a sequencing project?