• Question: What coding program do you use to code your robots?

    Asked by george13151 to Kim on 12 May 2020.
    • Photo: Kim Liu

      Kim Liu answered on 12 May 2020:

      Hi! Thanks for this question – the majority of the time I use a software package based on Microsoft Visual Basic, which is a little bit old for my liking, but works reasonably ok. I have not yet managed to do super complicated things with it yet though, because I am not very familiar with the language. It also has a plugin for JavaScript, which is better, but the people who sold the robot wouldn’t be able to help me very much if I were to get stuck.

      My current plan at work is actually to set up a Python interface – I’d like to code in Python and then interface with the Visual Basic to make it more user friendly, but this quite beyond anything I’ve ever done before so I’m learning how I might be able to do this 🙂